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How to Apply

We are open for applications for the 2019/20 academic year and beyond. 

While the information here will guide you through our application process, we are always happy to support interested parents directly.


Accordion Application

Complete the Application Form (printable pdf / editable pdf) and submit it to our admissions office or email to together with your supporting documents.

As part of the application, we ask that all applicants provide proof of payment of the Application Fee.

If you subscribe to a Capital Certificate, it can be purchased upon submission of the application. Please note that the purchasing of a Capital Certificate is mandatory for applications for entry into Year 1 and 2.

Families will receive an interview date within two weeks of the school receiving a complete application form, all relevant fees and supporting documents.

Accordion Provide documents

The following identification documents must be provided for each applicant:

1.  Recent passport photo of the child (within the last 3 months)

2.  Copy of the child’s:

Birth certificate

Passport page, showing the photo, name, date of birth, nationality and validity date

Valid Hong Kong visa

HKID card (if available)

School reports for the most recent two years of education

3.  Copy of the parents’:

Passport page, showing the photo, name, date of birth, nationality and validity date

HKID card

Valid HK visa (unless you are a Permanent Resident) - If valid visas are not available, the reasons should be stated in the application form

4.  Home Assessment Form

This should be completed by the Parent or Guardian of the child and can be obtained via the Download Centre 

Please note, that as part of our assessment process, we will contact the child's previous school for further information.

Accordion School Meeting

All families making an application for Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong will be invited for a school meeting once the initial process is complete.

Meetings will be made up of two distinct parts and involve both parents and children.

Accordion Acceptance

After the School Meeting, the school will review the application in full. The Admissions team will contact all families within four weeks of the School Meeting to clarify the status of the application. If an offer is made, a Letter of Offer will be sent to you - attached to this letter will be a Place Acceptance Form.

To accept and reserve a place, parents must sign the Place Acceptance Form  and agree to the associated School Terms & Conditions.

Families not subscribing to a Capital Certificate, will be asked to pay a Capital Levy to secure their place.


Our school campus is open between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday, you are welcome to drop in at any time, book a meeting in advance or call direct on +852 2480 7603.