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Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Why Shrewsbury?
Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong is one of the finest schools in Asia.
Drawing upon over 465 years of experience, both in the UK and overseas, our commitment to excellence is widely recognised. Selected by the Hong Kong Education Bureau to open in 2018, we will provide research driven educational provision within a world-class, purpose-built facility in Tseung Kwan O.
Accordion What is special about the education offered?
Our provision is built upon the benefits of individualised provision and collaborative learning. We believe that children have as much to learn from one another as they do from their teachers and have planned to ensure that our students are well nurtured within a broad and representative community of peers.
Our classrooms and curriculum are designed to foster partnership and participation. Learning environments are flexible and neatly organised to promote clear, strategic thinking.
Students will explore the ideas of others while they develop a refined understanding of their own strengths through the selection of considerately designed tasks and activities.
The classroom is the canvas; our children bring the colour.
Accordion What are the benefits of the English National Curriculum?
Young children learn best when they are engaged and enthralled. This is why academic provision at Shrewsbury International School is both rigorous and inspirational.
We deliver a topic based curriculum to immerse students fully within a rich and enveloping series of lessons, considerately designed to best embed key learning concepts.
Our connection with the English National Curriculum provides a structure upon which student performance can be accurately gauged - it also allows for helpful school performance comparisons, improves consistency when reporting to parents and dovetails neatly into a range of other academic systems.
Accordion What are the advantages of a purpose-built site?
Attention to detail and specialist provision stand at the heart of everything we offer.
The design of a purpose-built school facility has enabled the development of a range of function specific spaces for our students to learn within and be inspired by. Assemblies will be held in the auditorium and gymnastics will be taught in the centre for excellence.
This determined focus extends to the care with which we have considered the age specific needs of our students. Our uncompromising vision continues throughout a facility that has been designed with enormous care and driven by specific expertise - none of this would be possible through facility refurbishment.
Accordion How will the school support my child’s transition to Senior School?
Students and families at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong will be guided through a bespoke planning process designed to ensure that every child secures a place within a senior setting that enables them to thrive.
School staff will guide you on the characteristics of the many academic pathways available and the profile of individual schools both within and beyond Hong Kong. Maximising our growing knowledge of your child will allow us to identify, select and support appropriate transition to a leading senior school of your choice.
Accordion How do I apply for admission?
If you are interested in sending your child to Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, we would suggest that you submit an application as soon as possible. Our first school year will commence in August 2018. 
Application forms are available HERE and accepted at our Admissions Office. Once all information has been processed, applicants will be asked to join the team for a meeting. 
We are a carefully and mutually selective school - our entry assessments take into account the academic and social skills children bring with them as well ensuring the philosophical alignment of both school and family. We work hard to ensure that the needs and aspirations of each child and their family can be successfully met before we offer them a place.